Trey Brazeal is a recent graduate from the School of Theatre and Dance at Illinois State University with his Master of Fine Arts in Lighting Design. He is currently based in Chicago, IL. Some of his favorite works in the recent past have been Guys and Dolls and The Illusion at ISU and designing the lights for the Fall 2019 University High School Orchesis dance performance.

Lighting Design is the subtle, metaphorical paint brush on which the whole stage is the canvas and with that brush I can shift moods, tell time, and create the hottest of sunny days or the coldest of winter nights. Lighting, along with all the other design elements, in collaboration, helps to create a magical world that, while temporary, leaves behind an emotional impact that can leave a lasting impression on those willing to suspend their disbelief. 


Lighting Designer: It's A Wonderful Life: A Radio Play- Oil Lamp Theatre ​​​​​​​

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